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A Guide To Effectively Supervise Your remote Workforce Without Micromanaging.

Remote work is gaining momentum across the world. It’s difficult to say how many companies have adopted remote work since the pandemic crisis began, but Gartner researchers provide some insight in one of their recent surveys.  There are several advantages to adopting remote working, but the process has its challenges. It takes effort to stay connected when […]

Embedding active risk culture: supporting a bottom-up approach

Sound risk culture is an attitude or an amalgamation of behaviors that build organizational immunity and achieves specific business goals. The key to building a “good risk culture” is first to understand and articulate the cultural outcomes that will drive the right performance and support an organization’s strategy delivery. In a three lines defense model, […]

Internal dispute resolution & RG 271

RG 271 will replace RG 165 and takes effect for complaints received from 5 October 2021. It has several new requirements that are enforceable and other guidance to assist financial firms in complying with their legal obligations. Below are some of the highlights The complaint’s definition should include complaints made on a social media channel or […]

Supporting Insurance claims handling as a financial service

Previously, claims handling and settling services for insurance products were excluded from the definition of a ‘financial service’. This exclusion was removed as part of the Government’s response to the final report of the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry. From 1 January 2022, if you carry on a […]

Automating Breach Reporting

Over the next few years, the adoption of automation and AI technologies will transform the risk & compliance as firms increasingly interact with ever-smarter machines. These technologies, and that human-machine interaction, will bring numerous benefits in the form of higher productivity, reduction of cost for compliance, risk, but they will also change the skills required […]