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Future of Work trends that will drive Risk & Compliance automation

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced organizations to operate with a physically dispersed workforce. Employees are involuntarily working from remote locations. Due to the changing dynamics and demographics of modern work, enterprises have evolved to manage labour and talent, increasingly favouring automation. This shift, also known as digital transformation, helps organizations digitize manual work processes, freeing […]

Monitoring product design & distribution obligations

ASIC released Regulatory Guide 274 Product design and distribution obligations (RG 274) for issuers and distributors of financial products that must comply with the design and distribution obligations. The changes will significantly alter the way financial products are formed, marketed, and promoted, with the commencement of the new laws scheduled from 5 October 2021. What […]

Incorporating Complaints in Conduct risk strategy

Conduct risk is the risk of not meeting expectations that customers’ interests come first. Expectations can be regulatory, societal, and contractual. Typically it covers market integrity as well as investor/customer protection. To be addressed effectively, conduct risk must be defined explicitly for your organization, taking into account activities, staff, and customers. As expectations change, emerging […]

Cognitive View has been selected as RegTech100 winners for 2021

New RegTech100 winners for 2021 just announced. We are glad that Cognitive View has been selected in the RegTech100 for 2021! The Regtech 100 is a recognition of the world’s most innovative technology providers that address the challenges of regulatory compliance. This recognition is a true reflection of our commitment and passion for innovation. RegTech […]

OECD Global Blockchain Policy Centre invited Cognitive view to showcase it’s distributed ledger technology addressing public policy issues

The OECD Global Blockchain Policy Centre has recently invited Cognitive view to showcase its distributed ledger technology addressing public policy issues. Cognitive view analyzes customer communication data to automate compliance, customer experience and conduct risk monitoring. It’s Regtech essentially helps firms improve consumer fairness, public trust in our financial services and enhance market integrity. Continuous monitoring & […]