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Key challenges in the front-office control function

The front office or first line of defense has been increasingly assuming overwhelming importance in the organizational structure. It is, therefore, not a surprise that a dedicated front-office control function is now standard practice for firms to enhance the ability to manage non-financial risks. In this regard, firms have been following the classic three-line defense […]

Video communication monitoring for compliance

Remote working & the emergence of video-based collaboration tools For well over a year now, the Covid-19 pandemic has forced organizations worldwide to shift their workforce into the remote Work-From-Home mode in an attempt to ‘flatten the curve’. The shift to digital communication and remote workplaces often became the deciding factor in measuring whether a […]

How AI can monitor and prevent workplace abuse

What is Abuse? Abuse of any form or nature is an act of unjustified oppression, blaming, or dehumanization using manipulative, discriminatory, or bullying behavior that may cause the recipient profound emotional distress that may have life-altering negative manifestations. Some of the common forms of abuse include Ethnicity Abuse, Community Abuse, Sexual Minorities Abuse, Nationalism Abuse, […]

Learn and compare complaints data with the industry

A customer complaint is an excellent barometer and provides incredible insights for introspection. Many organizations already have some mechanisms to analyze internal complaints data and use that as a feedback loop for continuous improvements.  Although only a small percentage of internal complaints lands on an external dispute resolution scheme like AFCA, this is an excellent opportunity […]

Monitor & support product distribution channel

To support an effective product governance arrangements product issuers and distributors need to implement and maintain robust and effective product governance arrangements. A distributor must understand the financial products it distributes to customers, assess the compatibility of the financial products with the customers’ needs to whom it distributes, consider the issuer’s identified target market, and […]