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Speech Analytics: The Driving Force for Better Business Practices and Customer Experience

Gone are the days when providing the best customer experience was a matter of intuition or experience. In this day and age of cut-throat competition among corporates to reduce customer attrition, cut overheads and maintain profitability, Speech Analytics may be the answer you’re seeking to keep your business relevant, productive and smart. If customer-centricity is […]

Defining The Future Of Deep Learning And Communication Through Powerful APIs

According to the Harvard Business Review, historical evidence shows that companies have little to no control over their customer’s experience with their brand. This is because one can define customer experience as the sum of all of your customer’s emotions, interactions, and unexpected behaviors, and it simply cannot be empirically controlled. While there may be some […]

Sales Agent Evaluation with Call Monitoring and Scoring

As customer centricity in businesses continues to increase, the importance of call centers and agent-customer interactions has come into sharper focus. Customer experience management is increasingly becoming the determining factor in whether the customer in question will continue to do business with you or switch to the competition. As is evident, it has become imperative […]

How Balanced Scorecard and Conduct Gateways can be used to improve the culture

All is not well with the Australian Finance Sector. The recent Interim Report by the Royal Commission has lashed out at banks and mortgage-home loan agencies for gross malpractices accruing from sales-based incentives for all banking staff. This has led employees to ‘put profits before people’ and the “pursuit of short-term profit at the expense […]