Cognitive View Call

Cognitive View captures, secures and transcribes voice from all new and legacy communication platforms, providing a structured data set of captured voice conversations.

Seamless integration into market-leading CRM, compliance archiving, AI and analytics platforms helps support regulatory compliance and enables you to gain more insight from the conversations taking place in your organisation.

Use this rich insight to address security and fraud,  support quality assurance, enhance employee engagement and customer experience.

Audio recording for supervision and review

Cognitive View audio capture

Enhanced Audio Capture

Audio can be captured and transcribed from over 55 platforms, ensuring you get the fullest picture, every time.

Cognitive View vect claims analytics

Valuable Data

With speech transcribed to text, everyday conversations are turned into valuable data that is easily accessible and auditable.

Easy Export

Transcribed audio files can be easily uploaded into a data warehouse or analytics engine, making it easy to search and analyse all your data in one place.

Key features

Cognitive View record

Single Point of Capture

Capture all voice communications from legacy and new telephony systems – all from a single application stack.

Cognitive View search

Powerful Search

Fast, efficient, and powerful Search capabilities allow you to deep-dive into your data using multiple metadata criteria.

Cognitive View storage

Secure Storage & Smart Replay

Our integrated media players allow quick replay and fine media control for dexterous playback. We provide storage solutions that are fully compliant with all principal global guidelines alongside AES 256 bit encryption to meet your data retention and security policies.

How it can help

  • Improve quality of service while reducing operational costs by capturing and analysing customer and workforce conversations.
  • Gain operational efficiencies by analyse voice for compliance, workforce optimisation.
  • Supervise & monitor the communication channels for compliance & conduct risk automation.
  • Support incident reconstruction & audit.
  • Improve product design by understanding by learning from customer feedback.
  • Incident & breach management.
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