We’re turning AI into a compliance expert

Speech Recognition
Speech Recognition
We extract information from your unstructured customer communications data.
Deep Learning
Deep Learning
We see patterns and solve complex problems from high volumes of data.
Semantic Analytics
Semantic Analysis

We make sense of your information in the context of your business.

How it works

Cognitive data


It starts with data.

We integrate with your customer communication channels, including contact centers, messaging systems, remote work communication, to monitor the voice and text-based data.
Understand data
Understand data
We extract all words spoken, their intent and assign contextual meaning to them as a human would.
Understand data
Verify data
Verify data
We cross-check your conversations against a set of out-of-box policies, regulations to uncover compliance failures, conduct risk patterns, customer experience, agent performance, fraudulent activities.
Risk assessment
Assess risk
We assign a risk score to every event. This automated review allows you only to examine high-risk flagged events with a manual review. This automation keeps your team focused on incidents and breaches that matter and lets you audit more spend with your existing reviewers.
Assess risk
Cognitive View Enhance
Our AI learns over time from your data, actions, and supervisor feedback. This means that you get the benefit of historical intelligence coupled with specific learnings from your environment.

How it can help

  • Improve quality of service while reducing operational costs by capturing and analysing customer and workforce conversations.
  • Gain operational efficiencies by analyse voice for compliance, workforce optimisation.
  • Supervise & monitor the communication channels for compliance & conduct risk automation.
  • Support incident reconstruction & audit.
  • Improve product design by understanding by learning from customer feedback.
  • Incident & breach management.
Cognitive View Regtech 100 2021
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