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The Corona Virus outbreak is first and foremost a human tragedy, affecting hundreds of thousands of people. It is also having a growing impact on the global economy.
Indeed, the outbreak has the hallmarks of a landscape-scale crisis is an expected event or sequence of events of enormous scale and overwhelming speed, resulting a high degree of certainty that gives rise to disorientation, a feeling of lost control, and strong emotional disturbance.
Financial services know this is an incredibly difficult time for families and businesses as people seek to make the right decisions for their own health and that of their families.
Customers are anxious and need information straight away. Many customers are vulnerable because they have lost their job, have a significant reduction in revenue, or have been tested positive with Covid-19.
The workforce is moving to a remote and distributed model. Compliance is equally important to ensure that the brand is supporting the customers when they need it the most.
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Remote Working Solution

Case Insights
Fraud Detection
Supports Ongoing Compliance
Compliance Monitoring
Improve organizational culture
Operational Risk & Supervision

COVID-19 Solution

Customer inquiry prioritization
COVID-19 Insights
Cognitive View customer velnerability
Customer Vulnerability detection

Supporting Remote working tools

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Customer Experience - Cognitive View
Cutomer Experience Analysis

  • Customer sentiment & tone analysis
  • Customer churn measurement
  • Complaints
  • Improve the NPS score
Quality Management - Cognitive View
Quality Assurance

  • Communication Surveillance
  • Quality Control
  • Evaluation of Sales Effectiveness
  • Automated Call Scoring
Conduct Risk Analytics - Cognitive View
Risk & Compliance

  • Obligation Life Cycle Management
  • Compliance Automation
  • Incident & Breach Register
  • Conduct Risk Evaluation
Integration vector

  • SalesForce
  • ServiceNow
  • GRC
  • Contact Center

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