Customer Experience - Cognitive View
  • Understand customer emotions and communication style
  • Discover what drives positive customer experiences
  • Quickly identify customer churn and take proactive steps to retain them
  • Identify customer complaints and prevent escalation

Key Features

Social listening

Social listening

Provide insights if customers are satisfied or frustrated and if agents are polite and sympathetic. Understand emotions by monitoring conversational data to allow customer response at a scale.


Voice of the Customer

Monitor customer service and support conversations so you can respond to your customers appropriately and at scale. See if customers are satisfied or frustrated, and if agents are polite and sympathetic.


Customer Churn 

Predict (and Prevent) Customer Churn.

Customer journey map

Customer experiences are typically delivered via separate functions (marketing, distribution, underwriting, claims), using a website, sales call center, service department, and so on, most managed by different executives with different goals and metrics.

This structure may have its purposes, but it overlooks the fact that from the customer perspective, the experience is often a single journey. Customers are unlikely to draw a sharp distinction between an agent and a claims adjuster—both represent the insurer in the event of an accident.

Customer Journey Mapper

  • Provides complete visibility on customer journeys across channels and business functions
  • Identifies what drives customer satisfaction and translating them into operational performance improvements
  • Compliance & Conduct issues across the journey
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