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Connect with your patients, meet privacy & record-keeping requirements, and effectively support your staff with the best-in-class

Patient Conversation Analytics Platform.

Healthcare providers depend on insightful information to ensure they provide quality patient care while eliminating unnecessary costs. The most effective way to better understand your patients’ needs? Going straight to the source and analyzing their calls, emails, and chat interactions.

How Cognitive View Patient conversation analytics can help you

Optimise Patient Experience

  • Better understand patient sentiments and tone
  • Discover what are the common patient inquiries
  • Proactively identify patient inquiries and plan workforce
  • Utilize advanced complaints module to identify patient concerns early
Assess risk

Improve Quality & Compliance

  • Ensure healthcare staff meeting quality, regulatory & disclosure obligations
  • Watch all patient interactions to reduce the risk of compliance failures
  • Meet patient privacy and record-keeping requirements
  • Support HIPAA compliance
Cognitive View record keeping

Drive Efficiencies & Savings

  • Provide targeted coaching to your staff by analyzing their relative performance
  • Analyze conversational data to understand evolving disease patterns
  • Leverage open API to support integration with existing platforms and analytics
  • Empower your telehealth practice
Cognitive View’s Voice Analytics can transcribe and analyse conversations from multiple channels, including voice, email and chat, to help you extract valuable intelligence. In addition, you can also see how individual patient service representatives perform through automated scorecards.
Leveraging Voice Analytics allows you to not only deliver a better patient experience in the future but also to increase operational efficiency and ensure you’re meeting regulatory requirements.

Find out how Voice Analytics can improve your patient’s experience and support your staff.

Why is now the perfect moment to become a Cognitive View Consulting Partner?

The interest in AI solutions designed to ensure compliance and improve the customer experience continues to grow rapidly.
Cognitive View Work from Home

According to Gartner, post-covid 75% of companies plan to shift some of their employees to work remotely, which makes remote supervision critical.

Cognitive View open API

Open API allows you to integrate analytics with your Customers’ preferred business applications.

Artificial Intelligence Extension

You are able to bring your own AI models to complement your customers’ individual requirements.

Why Cognitive View?

Cognitive View is a RegTech focused on automating Compliance, Customer Experience, and Conduct Risk to reduce operational risk. It analyses customer communication channels to identify conduct-related issues, customer experience, and complaints, ensure the staff meets its policies and identifies risks early. We have been recently selected as the RegTech100 globally for 2021 and we are a 2021 IBM Beacon Award Finalist for the Outstanding Cloud AI Embed Solution.

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