Cognitive View product

Monitor customer communication channels to support a customer centric approach and product governance requirements.

Conduct due diligence and audit for the distribution channels to collect and analyse customer centric information at sufficient intervals to understand a variety of patterns including customer experience, target market fit, customer feedback and complaints.

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Cognitive View Claims handling

Monitor distribution channels to support product design & distribution compliance objectives

Product distribution oversight & governance

Cognitive View target

Monitor target market distribution condition requirements & review triggers

Cognitive View record keeping

Record keeping for significant dealings

Key features

Cognitive View vect claims policy

Policies & Obligations

Policies and obligations to meet your RG 274 obligations and product governance requirements

Cognitive View vect claims automation

Control Automation

Control monitoring for product distribution channel

Cognitive View vect claims analytics


Record keeping and reporting

How Cognitive View will help

Monitor customer feedback

Cognitive View policy change

Audit tools for product issuer to review triggers

Cognitive View incident breach

Record keeping to support compliance

Cognitive View customer experience

Choice architecture & customer need review

Cognitive View customer care

Identify the nature of customer concerns and complaints


Risk-based supervision & mitigation to align with TMD


Incident & breach management to support significant dealings reporting

Cognitive View customer velnerability

Identification of customer vulnerability

Learn from AFCA’s historical dispute information to improve product design and distribution

Cognitive View vect prod

Learning from dispute trends related to product design and distribution

Cognitive View vect product

How AFCA made decisions in 2020 for insufficient product information issue

AFCA’s dispute information can provide great insights during product design and distribution 

Understanding complaint trends related to disclosure and instructions not met

Learn from the nature of complaints and trends in the respective financial product category

AFCA Insights

Learn from top compliance failure reason in the  respective financial product category

How AFCA Insights will help

Cognitive View learn


from historical disputes & risk insights

Cognitive View Review


operational model & compliance gaps

Cognitive View Enhance


automate process & control monitoring

Cognitive View predict


customer concerns and complaints

How can we help

  • Policies & guidelines to drive an efficient, fair, and compliant claims process
  • Police governance & change management
  • Supervise & monitor the communication channels for compliance & conduct risk automation
  • Call recording & archiving for audit
  • Risk-based supervision & predictive analytics
  • Incident & breach management
  • Resolve claim-related disputes & support complex claims by learning from disputes lodged at AFCA’s historical data
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Are you ready to transform & streamline your complaints management process in tune with the AFCA regulations? Try our automated insights to give you the guidance you need.

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