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Understand the drivers of misconduct and mitigate poor conduct to restore trust, reduce penalties and remediation cost

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Conduct Surveillance is a next-generation surveillance solution that organizations can use to identify manipulation, collusion, improper sales practice, and unethical practices.

conduct outcomes

Key Features

  • Conflict of Interest

    Helps you to identify and prevent conflict of interest at various control points

  • Process Adherance

    Automate risk and compliance process and procedures. Prebuilt obligation libraries for many standard processes including Insurance sales process

  • Deceptive conduct analysis

    Ensures individuals and leadership are responsible and accountable for deceptive conduct

  • Service obligation

    Trns your traditional QA function into an Insights hub which provides agent level, business level, operational level, and customer level insights.

  • Legal obligation

    Align with Regulatory directives in combating conduct risk and safeguarding customer interests, while restoring public faith.

Artifacts that we support for conduct analysis

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Call Centre

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Digital & Paper based forms



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