The Onboarding Process

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Step 1

Schedule a Meeting with us

Let us show you a demo and learn more about your requirements.

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Prior to the meeting send us an email with your requirements, for example
Voice analytics: If it is relevant what is the type of contact center that you use?
Cognitive View supports a number of contact center technologies out of the box. It can be enabled. Otherwise, call recordings can be uploaded individually to the platform.
Text analytics: What is the source of text. If the source of the text is an email or chatbot, provide details.
Cognitive View supports a number of emails and chatbot systems out of the box.
No. of users that need to be provisioned. What is the administrative email address?
For a contact center, a user is the contact center agent whose call needs to be analyzed.
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Step 2

User Account Provisioning

Cognitive View set up the system based on your requirements. We also support custom pilots for large deployments. This allows you to evaluate before you proceed.

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  1. Tenancy set up, including user account provisioning 
  2.  Welcome email sent to end-user for sign up and to set up the password and login
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Step 3

Training & Enablement

Free training to all new customers as part of the process.

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Cognitive View offers free training to all new customers as part of the customer onboarding process. The training is for both business and technical users with the below topics

  1. How to configure and use the system on a day-to-day basis?
  2. How to use the self-service documentation and tutorials
  3. How to add and manage users?
  4. How to track usage?
  5. How to engage support?